Welcome to the home of Outdoor Recreation New Zealand

During late 2007, Outdoor recreation NZ resigned its political party standing, as it had not achieved the required 500 paid membership number.

The core remains and if there is renewed support and the right people willing to stand up in the political arena, then there is no reason that Outdoor recreation NZ could not quickly reassert itself.

This website is being kept alive as a contact and information source. If you are willing to endorse and support the Outdoor Recreation NZ direction, send an email to info@outdoorrecreation.co.nz and we’ll compile a new list of interested people. This is required under the new “spam” laws of 2007.

Outdoor recreation in New Zealand, for New Zealanders, is still a low priority of governments and with your help, that can be improved. The existence of Outdoor Recreation NZ in the previous two elections has already positively influenced the current government.


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